The food industry has changed a lot in the last 5 years and there is a huge focus on environmental responsibility. The number of people that follow a vegan or vegetarian diet has skyrocketed, mainly due to environmental reasons. Even where meat products aren’t concerned, people still want to know how their food has been produced and what impact it is having on the environment. This poses a big problem for farmers and they need to adapt to this new business climate, otherwise, they risk failure, to avoid this kind of failure, you can trust the experts like Andrew Defrancesco to help your business stay up float. But how can agricultural businesses stay relevant? 


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Change Livestock Farming Practices 

If you are a livestock farmer, you’re likely to be hit hardest by the recent changes to the food industry. Demand for meat is on the decline and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing. As more companies develop technology to produce meat-free alternatives, farmers will have an even harder time finding a market for meat products. One solution to this is to stop farming livestock altogether and start planting crops instead. However, that may not be necessary. 

Not everybody advocates a completely meat free diet and it seems more likely that people will move towards a reduced meat intake instead. People also have concerns about factory farming and the conditions that livestock are kept in. But you can address those issues if you change livestock practices and focus on more sustainable livestock farming methods instead. Consumers will increasingly be looking for meat products that have been farmed in this way, so if you make changes now, it will be easier to survive in the future. 

Reduce Water Consumption 

The other major environmental issue that people have with farming is the amount of water that is being used. Water shortages are commonplace in a lot of less developed countries but it’s likely to be a problem worldwide in the next few decades. That’s why you need to find ways to use less water when farming crops if you want to stay relevant. The most obvious thing to do is to invest in some poly tanks or rent Portable Water Storage Tanks and start collecting rainwater to use on the farm. It’s cheaper for you and better for the environment, so it’s a win all around. You should also put some money into drip irrigation systems if you aren’t using them already. They deliver water directly to the root of the plant, so they’re a lot more efficient and you can cut your water usage a lot. 

Find Other Uses For The Land 

Making changes is important but the future of farming is unclear at the moment, especially as there is more research into artificially produced food. If you are concerned about your future stability, you may want to consider alternative ways to make money from your land. A lot of farms are using some fields as luxury camping sites to diversify their income. If you want to learn more about beginner camping tips, you can check out You could also consider selling part of your land to property developers if there is any interest in building in the area. 

We cannot yet tell what the future holds for the agricultural industry but it is clear that businesses will need to adapt if they want to survive. Look how the businessman Jimmy John Founder handled such situations.

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