A website is an online tool which can share your brand and your ideas with your audience. If you are always looking to make an impression with the public, the creation of a website is an integral part of any modern business considering the impact it can have and when we come to creating a wonderful site for all, it is always a good idea to use clever design to make a good impression with your audience.


Today we want to talk about how you can make a great website whether you use a web design agency or not, and there are plenty of amazing choices for you this year. 


  1. Large Images


An image speaks a thousand words. When you create a website the images you use will make a big impact on the site. Make sure that you take this into account and bring some stunning images to your homepage. 


  1. Bold Text


If you want to get a message across you should always make it big and bold! Take the time to create large headers and quotes which will draw people in. 


3.Orange or Blue


There is a simple colour psychology rule to follow when creating a website. If you want to make a creative website you should use a warm colour such as orange; and if you want to make a business site you want to use a cool colour such as blue. Warm and cool colours both have different effects on our minds and this should be used as a handy theory when you are looking to create a clever website this year. 




The design of a website is important however the usability is more crucial. Make sure that any website you create is clever and responsive and this will make a difference to your audience and your brand. 




To make a boring website more exciting, one thing you can do is create videos. Videos are an awesome way for you to grab the attention of your audience and this will make a big impact on your bounce rate and engagement. Take this chance to create a video which shows off the best of your brand and what you can provide to your audience. 


6.Contact Form 


It is always a good idea to provide a contact form for your audience which will give them the chance to get in touch with you if they need some advice or help. It is a great idea for you to use a contact form to keep in touch with existing customers and entice new ones to ask you questions and get involved with your brand. By having a large contact form front and centre on your website you will be able to show your audience that you want to be engaged with and they will be much more likely to get in touch and find out more about you and the products or the services that you can provide for them.

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Hrvoje Horvat

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