Engineering is a noble profession. It has played a vital role in the advancement of the human race, enabling us to harness the power of the wheel, steam locomotion, electricity and eventually digital technology. The fast paced digitally led global business landscape owes its very existence to the wit, tenacity and endeavour of engineers. It’s the inquisitive mindset and  fundamental need for understanding of the inner workings of the world around them that entices people to become engineers, and the world is better for them. Unfortunately, however, many engineers find themselves in jobs where they find themselves restricted, unappreciated or under stimulated.





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Naturally, their inquisitive mindset may lead them to ask themselves why they put up with the status quo? Why not turn their engineering talent to entrepreneurship and go into business for themselves. But how? There are so many applications for engineering talent that it can be hard to know where to put one’s emphasis in a business landscape that abhors inertia. Today’s world is dependent on engineers in virtually every field from creating brushless DC motors for use in 3D printers for manufacture to building LED screens for their TVs. While nobody can predict the future (especially when we as a society are at such a technological tipping point), there are some areas in which engineering skill combined with entrepreneurial spirit can create lucrative business opportunities.


Playing it safe

If you’re itching to take your career into your own hands but are reliant on your existing job to keep yourself and your family fed, you may be reluctant to abandon your current work commitments in order to start your own business. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of business ideas which can be adopted in your free time and built up independent of your day job. You can invest or as little time and effort as your circumstances allow until you’re ready to take the reigns and dedicate all of your time to the running of your business.


Now, without further ado, let’s look at some lucrative (and in demand) ideas to which you can turn your talent…


Aluminum window and door manufacture

In times of economic uncertainty and in-again, out-again recession, consumers are keeping a closer eye than ever on their purse strings. This means that they will often invest in technologies that prevent household waste. One of the main offenders in the modern home is heat waste from windows, with even double glazed windows leaking a surprising amount of energy rich air. As such, you’d be amazed how many times people find themselves changing their windows, resulting in a stable market to which engineers can turn their talents.


As well as domestic windows and doors you could apply your ability to businesses, retail properties and even public buildings like civic centers, auditoriums and theatres.


Auto repair shop

There are more cars on the world’s roads than ever before with over 2bn cars in circulation by 2035. If ever there were a growth industry ripe for opportunity for the keen engineering mind, it’s the automotive industry. Plus, with the rise in hybrid and electric vehicles as well as greater integration of software, there are so many opportunities for engineers from a variety of backgrounds to develop new skills and learn more.

If you like getting your hands dirty and enjoy the tactile pleasure of working with parts and components by hand then the automotive industry is rife with opportunity. Plus, if you have a warm, outgoing personality and can engender genuine trust in your customers then you will cultivate the loyalty that will ensure prosperity for your business.


Solar panel construction

If you want to marry your engineering skills with a concern for the environment, you could do worse than turn your talent to solar technology. Living as we are in the midst of an energy race with consumers desperately seeking ways to meet their energy requirements in a way that isn’t detrimental to the environment, solar power is playing a bigger part than ever in consumer technology. While it requires extensive knowledge and understanding, it is a growth market like no other.


Waste disposal

Where would we be if nobody had invented the toilet? Or the garbage disposal? Human beings have a fundamental need to deal with their waste as quickly and conveniently as possible with as little contact as possible. If you can find a better means to facilitate that than is currently on the market you are virtually guaranteed success.


These are just a few of the many and varied starting points to which a skilled engineer can turn their talent, but make no mistake there’s no better time to use your skills to lay the foundation for success in business.


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