baseLot of people think they do not need blog. Because they have Social media sites which are working pretty good. I agree with that, but do you know the story with three little pigs?


Three little pigs

If you didn’t hear it when you were a kid I will tell you now the story about Three little pigs.

Once upon time there was three little pigs. They could not agree on that how they will build their house so, they decide to do it three houses, every pig will made his own house. What is correct right? First pig was not such a hard-working pig and he made a house from straw. Second one made something better, he made a house from sticks. The third one was a hard-working pig and he made a house from bricks.
So, one day big hungry wolf came to the neighborhood and destroy house from straw and sticks and eat two pigs, but he could not do it with a third pig who made a house from bricks.


Social media

If you are building your business on Social Media it is the same like you are building a house from straw and sticks. Very easy can come some angry wolf and destroy it. Just like things happen for people who build their business on Blab. Blab was one excellent site where you could talk with four person and have audience in chat. It was really great. But, one day owners decide to shut it down. If you were building your business only there you are out of the business in one day.


Blog is a base

That’s why you must have blog. You are the owner of your blog, you decide when you will shut it down or not. You control all the content on your blog. All Social media can support your blog, but it is not wise to build business only on Social Media sites. It is the same like you were made a house from straw or sticks. Build a blog that is your house from bricks.


If you don’t know how to build a blog? Here is the solution for your problem. Click the link below, yes that big picture and learn how to set up an excellent blog.

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