Killer Strategies To Market Your Business When You’re Just Starting Out


Small businesses can’t usually afford to spend lavishly on marketing online, especially when just starting out. So how are you supposed to gain a foothold in the market?


As with anything in business, it requires a bit of creativity and a compelling business idea to really succeed. But new business owners can boost their chances online by using some of the following tricks. Take a look at these ideas for marketing your business when you’re just starting out.



Submit Your Site URL To Google





Search engines trawl the internet using pieces of software they call “robots.” These robots randomly dance through the web, updating Google of changes to web pages and new web pages online. Although Google will eventually find your website, it can sometimes take weeks, even months for one of its robot algorithms to reach your page and upload key information to Google’s servers. But for many businesses just starting out, that wait is too long. A much better strategy is to simply submit URL information to Google’s platform at Not only does help people find you online, but it can also boost your SEO and page rank tool.




Create A Systematic Plan

While sporadic marketing efforts might have been sufficient for brick and mortar businesses in the past, this is no longer the case according to Instead, companies need to focus on building systematic marketing efforts across multiple channels. It’s no longer sufficient for companies to market just using PPC. Now they need to have a presence on relevant platforms (i.e., Amazon/Facebook/eBay) and coordinate all their channels in order to grow.





Offer Free Consultations

New businesses like to model themselves on existing businesses. The thought is that if people are willing to pay for the services of existing companies, then they will also be willing to pay for yours. But that line of reasoning is missing an important point: established businesses have a lot more credibility than you.



For that reason, a good way to compete – especially if you’re a knowledge-based business – is to offer initial consultations for free. You can go to deal here and understand the best ways to get the right business consultation from experts. Not only is it a great way of penetrating the market instantly, but it also gives potential clients a direct opportunity to assess your services. With no-strings attached, you could soon find yourself bagging new clients.





Get Featured On Testimonial Pages







Google and other search engines are currently looking for ways to increase the importance of testimonials. This “user-generated” content, as they put it, is becoming more and more valuable. Instead of trying to avoid this trend like many incumbent businesses do, new companies should embrace it. Build your own testimonials page or use a testimonials platform, like Yelp or Trustpilot.




Improve Your Elevator Pitch

Attention spans on the internet are short. Really short. Because of this, startups need to focus on making sure that they are communicating their unique selling point cleverly and succinctly. Ideally, you should be able to communicate what it is that your business does in 30 seconds or less. Be as clear as you can and choose smart pedagogy to help people learn about what you do.




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