Limit Small Business Communication Costs With These Tips

There is no getting away from the fact that small business owners will have to communicate with a LOT of people each day. That could mean passing information to workers who perform their duties outside of the office. It could also mean holding five-way telephone calls with clients all over the world. Unless entrepreneurs come up with a strategy that will reduce the costs involved, they could end up spending a small fortune. That doesn’t make sense because it’s an unnecessary expense. The info and tips below will prove that to everyone reading this post.







Use a VOIP solution

Firstly, it’s sensible for all business owners to invest in a decent voip phone system. That will mean they start to use their internet connection to make calls, rather than the traditional option. Experts from Athens Micro and similar IT boffins always advise their clients to make the switch. There are many advantages to doing that, but the most important ones relate to the cost involved. Businesses will often pay a flat fee for their VOIP system, and so they don’t face extortionate monthly phone bills. It’s even possible to purchase devices that look like standard phones for the desks in the office. So, the functionality will work in much the same way.




Integrate chat software in-house

When it comes to communicating with employees and team members, it’s important to look for a cheap solution. The easiest way to achieve that goal without breaking the bank is to use chat software. Business owners can install it on their network so anyone in the office can message their colleagues. It’s also possible to use live chat software on an unlisted website page for anyone working from home. Of course, services like Google Hangouts tend to work well. It’s just that most companies probably want to ensure maximum privacy. So, a custom-built live chat solution is often the best way to go.








Hold meetings over video calls

If people working for the company still have five-way phone meetings, it’s sensible to move with the times. Nobody does that anymore without the use of video calling services like Skype. There are many advantages to opting for online video calls instead of using the phone. They include:



  • Reduced Cost
  • Video Option
  • Live Chat
  • File Transfer Capability



Also, there is no need to worry about how long the call has been active when using the internet. Business owners could spend five hours on a meeting call and never have to pay a dime. So, it’s sensible to assess the market and work out the most suitable solutions as soon as possible.



The tips and tricks mentioned above should help all small businesses to reduce their communication costs. Bosses just have to set the wheels in motion and perform some more research. Some websites highlight the best video calling solutions and provide rankings. They are probably the best places to look for more information. The same goes for different VOIP services and live chat products. Just shop around, read reviews, and make an informed decision for the welfare of the company.



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