I know what you think when you read a title of this text. I know that you think that this is a text full of bullshit. If you read it till the end you will know that they told you bullshits whole your life.


Well, This is a text full of facts, maybe you will like them, maybe you will not like them, but that is the way it is.

If you would like to live your dream you will continue to read this, if not you will probably stop here. Well, to live your dreams you need to have balls (if you are a men) and guts if you are a women.

Most of the people think if they have two testicals it means they have a balls. Well today to have a balls means something else, it means to Live the Dream, it means that you live on the way how you like it. Yes, on the way how you like it.


  1. What they teach you?


From the beginning of your life they teach you to go to school, go to college and find a decent job. That will make you happy.


Well, fact is that this stupid things what everybody told you is a bullshit. In reality you will be frustrated at work, underpaid and boss will go on your nerves. Only happiness which you will have it will be Friday when work time ends. Then you will drink over the weekend and getting ready for worst day ever MONDAY! Then you will talk about how weekend goes so fast.


From the start school destroys your happiness, teaching you wrong things. School is important, but watch out that school don’t destroy your education. School will put you in format, to teach you how to be good worker one day, it don’t have anything with your education.


  1. I will tell you my story!


I was not good in school, they always tell me that I will very hard find a good job because I am not good in school. Anyway idea of a good job was not bright in my head. I never want to have a good job, but that system programs your brain that much that you finally search for a job.


Despite of my bad grades in school I found a respectable job in medical business. Working as a sales manager for one of the biggest companies in the world bring me some nice benefits. Company car, nice salary, bonus on salary and all what most of the people dream and think is a dream job.


I was going on dinners in the most expensive restaurants, travel around whole Europe. Having a real nice manager life.

Well, that is all bullshit! How? I will explain you.

  • When you have company car it does not mean that you enjoy in driving of nice car when you want. It’s mean that your boss can call at 10pm to tell you that you need to go right now and do the job. Or you plan a dinner at home with your wife, but boss call you that important client came and you need to go to dinner with him that day.


  • You are at the dinner with some idiot guy eating the best food in the world and drink best wines, but you would rather be with your friend in sandwich bar and eat a sandwich without raping your brain with stupid things. Good food is overpriced when you are in bad company.


  • I will not even tell you how it looks like on some other jobs when they destroy you on daily basis. Dreaming of having a good job is a nightmare.


  • I had a high blood pressure, I was overweight, I had too much stress, to less sleep and didn’t feel good at all.  


  1.  What to do?


When you are aware that you don’t want a job, and that you need to change something. You made one big step, but here is another problem. That new problem is that probably you don’t know what would you do.

You see school program your brain in the way that you don’t develop what you are best at. Nobody ask you what you would like? They just program your mind and when time comes that you can said I want to change, then you still don’t know what to do.


That happen to me also. During the medical business I get involved in Marketing as a part time business. Working whole days, and at the end I notice that I have decide from two things which are not for me one, just was less worse than the other.


I need something new, something what would fit in my way of working and doing things. Since I played video games always with my kid and really love it. One of the idea was to play games, but how?

So, one day kid told me that some guys made lot of money playing games on stream. I said on what? Streaming games? Who can earn money like that?

After checking everything on internet I was almost sure that this fantastic thing for me. I love to talk with people and I love play games! What a fantastic combination. You see you need to know what is the best for you, you need to know yourself.   


Next step was easy, I quit the job buy equipment and start to stream on Twitch. You can see my stream here.


Streaming is a business like any other. You need to invest your time and money to put it on high level. But for sure it is a big thing when you do what you love. Because only thing what is worth doing is that you do what you love!



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