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As a business owner, there are many risks you need to do. Some of them you can outsource and it is not as costly as you may think. What you have to consider is how much more productive you could be if you were not spending half your working day completing jobs other than sales.

Bookkeeping And Accounts

Bookkeeping and accounts is one of the jobs that always gets left until another day in a lot of businesses. The problem is that it builds and builds as that day takes a long time coming. Not only can this job be taken from your shoulders by getting professional accounting services, but you will also know that it is being done in a proper manner that is compliant with all the laws and regulations. Timescales will be met and that alone can save you a fortune in fines and penalties.

Payroll Preparation

Processing your payroll can be time-consuming and there are so many regulations it is easy to get it wrong if you are not sure what you are doing. This is one job that is always best outsourced and with Cloudpay payroll services it does not matter how large your payroll is, they will be able to deal with it. In fact, it does not matter if your payroll is for people that are located worldwide, as they are international payroll experts.

Tax Returns

It can take skill to complete and file a tax return. The IRS is not partial to errors and if they notice mistakes they are likely to look at you much closer. For the cost involved in outsourcing this job, it is not worth the risk of trying to get it right yourself. This is also why it’s important that you find out about ir35.


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Creative Tasks

Not everyone has a creative mind. It could be that you are brilliant at selling but when it comes to artwork for your logo, website images and adverts it needs someone that can put together an original brand identity that will stand out from the rest.

There are many freelance artists available that would gladly take this task on for you.

Social Media

Social media is currently probably the most effective of all marketing methods. However, for it to be effective it needs a lot of time dedicated to it. There are many social media agencies that have the expertise you need to deal with this for you, and they will ensure that all platforms have some coverage of your brand. Social media itself is not an expensive way of marketing your business, and using an agency to help will not cost you a fortune either.

Any Skills You Are Missing

Most businesses revolve around the primary skills of their owners.  But no one can be good at everything. There will always be things that you are lacking a skill for and these are the jobs you should be outsourcing to freelancers or agencies. Trying to do everything yourself can be the road to failure.  You need to concentrate on what you are good at and outsource the other things to people that have the expertise to do them.

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