How to Make Money Selling Your Fruit & Veg


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With people being more health conscious than ever before it is no wonder that the world of organic fruit and veg is booming. If you have got into the trend of growing your own fruit and vegetables and have found yourself with a big supply of gorgeous fresh produce, then selling it is a great way to make sure nothing goes to waste and that you can make some cash in the process. If you are keen to try out selling your beloved hand grown fresh produce then follow our simple tips on how to go about it.




Location, Location, Location

First things first you will need to decide on where to sell your produce. You may want to chose just one or you may decide on a few different locations. But what you need to bear in mind is that the amount of money you make will be influenced on the location of your stand. You will want to place yourself in an area where people are already looking to buy food, or in an area where the people in the area are more likely to pay a little more for hand grown, organic produce, rather than the cheaper supermarket options.





Check With Your Council

Once you have established, more or less, whereabouts you would like to place your stand you will then need to run your proposed trading ideas past your local council. Each council has their own laws and regulations when it comes to trading in the local area and that will apply to anyone wanting to sell food items. Therefore you will need to contact your council to enquire about any permits, trading restrictions or inspections that will be necessary before you get started.





Buying the Correct Equipment

You will then need to think about how you will go about actually getting yourself set up and ready to trade. You will need to think about how you will go about washing and cleaning all the produce. How you plan to transport all the produce and then all the items you will need on the stand itself.



You will need to invest in bags and fruit palettes and a good set of weighing scales. If you’re not sure of the types of scales you will need, look here for the best retail scales for 2017. You will also need to think about the stand itself and how you plan to best display your lovely fruit and veg. Presentation is everything when it comes to grabbing the attention of passerbys so you will need to put some thought into how you can best showcase your homegrown produce.




Manage Your Money

If you really see this as a lucrative business for yourself then you will definitely need to be properly managing your money and treating it as a professional business venture. Therefore you will want to be super organised with the produce that is being sold and the profits that you are bringing in. You will need to plan how much of the money you make, needs to be put back into the business so you can continue to grow your fruit and vegetable business and enjoy feeding your local community with your lovely organic produce, for as long as you choose to.




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