MSP’s Need These Things For Total Success

A lifeline that is what we managed service providers (MSPs) can be to so many people that run their business online, but don’t have the expertise or the time to deal with the complexity of IT side of things. That means there is a real need out there for us in the market. Something that we can leverage for our prosperity, but remember need alone isn’t enough to make us successful. We must also provide the following things to ensure client satisfaction and remain relevant in a sea of competitors.  Read on to find out what they are.




Getting the word about your MSP out there is vital for success, and as an MSP you are probably already very aware of the power of the online marketing. However, doing it in-house is time-consuming, labor intensive and perhaps not the best use of your employees’ limited resources.


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So, instead why not select a company that deals specifically with marketing for managed services providers, that can do all the heavy lifting for you? The can create a website that captures leads and utilizes all the benefits of WordPress. Freeing up your people to focus on what they do best for your clients, and improving your revenue stream in the process.


One to one service

Next, a successful MSP is one that offers personal one to one service to their clients. That means having a specific person dealing with specific accounts, so they are always available to speak to clients and resolve their problems. No one wants to call up and be pushed from pillar to post all the time a, as it’s just frustrating. So, ensure that you allow your account managers to take responsibility for a group of specific clients so they can build a good working relationship. Something that will improve customer satisfaction and also encourage loyal to your company over others.



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Logging systems

A huge part of running a successful MSP is being able to track and log data correctly. After all, you can’t solve a problem until you have worked out what has gone wrong in the first place. This is where logging comes in. Having the information to hand, which also means monitoring the client’s systems 24/7, will make it far easier to quickly and efficiently iron out problems when they occur, and they will. So it’s best to be prepared and proactive for this eventuality.



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Like businesses in any market, MSPs are often more successful if their pick a niche to specialize in rather than offering one-size fits all solution for any type of business. This specialization can work well because it allows you to build up a portfolio of satisfied clients that can vouch for you with new customers that are similar to them.


You also build up an expertise in the particular field you are working in such as medicine, restaurants, or education. Something that enables you to more easily identify the opportunities and threats and build on what you have learned before as well.



Obviously, a huge responsibility of a successful MSP will be to protect the data and communications of the companies that are their clients. That means if you want you MSP to be consistently successful you will need to pay special attention to security procedures, training, and software.


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Regarding procedure, risk assessments are vital. This is where you make a regular assessment of the potential threats to your client’s systems. Then put in place strategies to help minimize the said risk, as well as plans to deal with them if they do occur.


A solid security policy both for your organization and for your client is also important. As this can eliminate some potential risks before they even occur. Especially with things like sending confidential communications over an unsecured network. Something that is responsible for a high number of data breaches at the current time.


Regular education and training events about the importance of security both legally, and for the success of the business are also a good idea. As well as offering data security training to your clients, so they can help protect their own company as well.



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Software needs will include the use of a Unified Threat Manager (UTM), so you can coordinate all your software and apps from one place. Firewalls are also a necessity and are VPNs. It is with these strategies you can provide a maximum level of security for your clients, and ensure the most significant success for your MSP.


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