Getting around to setting up your business premises is a very exciting time. The idea that soon your business will be on the road to greater things is something that every business owner should experience. However, have you thought through all of your plans properly? It might seem simple in your mind, but take these following things into consideration before opening up shop.


Colour scheme

Believe it or not, the colours that you’re choosing to decorate your business premises in matters. Whether you’re setting up an office for your staff or opening a store that customers can visit, the colours will make a difference. Bright and distracting colours could distract staff from being as productive as possible, yet boring and plain colours won’t be very inviting to potential customers. Whichever applies to you, make it so that the people involved are pleased from all ends. If you’re opening a store, having your company logo on the walls would be a nice touch, alongside offers and deals that you currently have on. Whereas if it’s an office, plain neutral colours with some artwork will promote concentration and productivity.


There’s nothing worse than walking into a store and being cold all of the way round. While you might have perishables, the heat of the store should be kept at a comfortable level. Make sure that all of your commercial heating units are working properly. If you find it doesn’t, have everything you need for the job at hand. You needn’t worry about perishables because if you’re storing them correctly in fridges (as you should be) then they will be fine.


Think about where your shelving and other furniture is going to be placed, and try to make it so that your store (or office) makes sense for all those needing to use it. Remember not to make it too cluttered otherwise it could become confusing for customers and staff alike. If you have a large amount of stock, be sure to utilise your storage space so that your store isn’t cluttered.


In this day and age, every business should be making use of technology because of one simple fact: it makes everyone’s lives easier and often makes transactions much quicker than before. Be sure to give all of your staff training on any technology you choose to have whether that be a till or a computer for them to work on.

Curb appeal

Finally, one thing that’s super important for any business is to have curb appeal. Make sure that the exterior of your premises let’s people know what you’re about. You can’t expect people to come into an unmarked shop for no reason. Put sale signs up and make sure you have a sign above your store so customers know who you are.

Apply these five things to your business when you’re setting up shop and you will soon be watching your business soar! Good luck with your grand opening!

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