Small Things That Make A Big Difference To Your Marketing Campaign

When marketing your business, it’s easy to let small things slip through the cracks. You focus so much on the big things, it means you miss out on smaller things that can have a huge impact on your company. Below, we’ve listed three small things that can positively affect your marketing campaign:





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Social Media Post Timing

Social media will form a core part of your marketing campaign for sure. But, this one tiny thing can dramatically change its effectiveness. The timing of your social media posts makes a massive difference. Send them at the right time, and you can get loads of engagement and see an amazing effect from them. You can get lots of people interested in what you’ve posted which may mean driving loads of people to your site or getting lots of eyes on a promotional post for a new product. But, post at the wrong time, and you’ll get no engagement. It will be a waste of a status update or tweet, no one will see it, and it won’t be very effective. So, do your research and ensure you post during social media peak times. These will differ depending on where you are in the world, but it won’t take long to find them.





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Product Packaging

It might not seem like a big thing, but the packaging of your products can have a huge effect on your marketing campaign. The fact is, many people will buy products purely based on how the packaging looks. It sounds absurd, but we all do it from time to time. I’m sure many of you have seen a certain product that catches your eye because of its unique packaging. You feel compelled to buy it because it looks cool. For this reason, you need to put a lot of effort into your package branding. Try and make your products stand out from the crowd while still representing your brand. You can gain a fair few extra sales just from having well-branded packaging. Put some time and effort into this small thing, and it will make a big difference.




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Web Page URL

This is a tiny thing that so many companies neglect when they’re promoting their business online. We all know that websites are essential and we want to improve the SEO of our web pages, so they rank highly in the search results. By doing this, we can see more traffic, get more engagement on each page, and promote our company more effectively. Well, did you know that the format of your URL will make a huge difference? If you keep it simple and include keywords in your URL, it will rank better than one that’s just a bunch of random numbers. Make this small tweak, and it will make a huge difference to your online marketing, particularly your search engine performance.



All of these things are tiny in comparison to some of the main parts of your marketing campaign. However, they can help increase brand awareness, promote your business, and even boost your sales.



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