If you want your business to give something back to a charity in your local area, there are many things you can do. But, first of all, why should you do it? There are many reasons for your business to be charitable. It reflects well on the brand, helping to create a positive reputation for the company. But it also helps to give your business a real purpose beyond simply making money. You can head to inc.com/why-giving-to-charity-is-good-for-business if you want to find out more about why helping charities is positive. Here are some different ways for your business to support a charity.


Donate Resources

Donating resources is often more useful to charities than simply donating money. The things they need could be organising space or equipment. They could use your office as a space for making calls to people as they look for donations. Or when your office is not in use, meetings and gatherings could be staged there. It’s something that a charity in your local area could really appreciate.


Create a Range of New Products to Help the Charity

If you want to, you could create an entirely new range of products to sell. You could then say that a certain percentage of the profits generated from this range will be given to charity. This is useful for a number of different reasons. First of all, it’s a great thing for the charity that’s benefitting from this. But it’s also good for your business’s sales because it gives your new products an extra appeal. People will know that when they buy one of the products, some of their money will be going to a good cause. This will attract more customers and result in more sales.


Sell Merchandise for the Charity

Rather than going to the trouble of creating a whole new range of products, you could simply sell merchandise. All the profits, rather than just a percentage, can then be given to charity. In many ways, this options is better for the charity. You could create merchandise that features the company logo, as well as the name and logo of the charity. This helps to zoom in on the link between your business and the charity you’re helping out. You can create sponsored merchandise with the help of sites like dynamicgift.com.au/wristbands. These items can be very appealing to customers if they’re marketed correctly.


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Hold a Big Fundraiser

Holding fundraisers can be a lot of fun. You have an excuse to get everyone together and create an evening of entertainment. So, why not create one and give all the proceeds to the charity of your choice? There are many different ways in which money can be generated for a charity at a fundraising event. You could simply sell the tickets and use this money to give to the charity. Or you could go even further and have an auction at the event. Things could be sold, and the money that is raised will also go towards the charitable donation. People will give more generously when they know it’s for a good cause.


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