Anyone who works in an office needs to know how to use a computer. You don’t have to be an IT wizard, but there are usually various tools you need to do your job. Sometimes this means being able to use specialist software, but often there are tools that work for a variety of roles. When you’re applying for jobs, these computer skills could look good on your applications.



Document and Content Creation

Word processors are usually the first tools anyone learns to use. You need them to complete essays and assignments at school, or you might just play around with them in your spare time. As you begin to move into content creation for work, you might go beyond Word into tools like Publisher or InDesign.


Social Media Management

Social media has grown a lot as a tool for business. It’s an excellent marketing tool but only if you know how to use it. Not all businesses have a dedicated social media manager, and even those that do can expect members of staff to participate in running accounts.


IT Troubleshooting

Knowing how to use a computer doesn’t necessarily mean you know how to fix problems. While not everyone wants to be the office problem-solver, employers will often value someone who can do some basic IT troubleshooting. It avoids having to get an IT expert involved for a minor problem.


Spreadsheets and Databases

Spreadsheets will always be a useful way to store, organize and present information. Databases are also useful, but spreadsheet software like Excel can do a lot of the same things.


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