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One of the hardest things about trying to make your living online is the fact that many sections of the public are still wary of all things online, especially when there is money involved. This is obviously a big problem if you want to be successful and a good reason why building trust with your readers is so important. With that in mind, here are some tips to help you gain the trust of your followers starting right now:

Honesty is the Best Policy

If you want yourself and your blog to be trusted, then you simply cannot afford to tell lies or bend the truth, even if you think doing so would be harmless. If you do this, perhaps by not declaring a paid post is exactly that, then chances are you will be found out, and you will lose any of the respect you’ve already built up. It really isn’t worth it.

Of course, being honest isn’t just about declaring interests and only presenting the actual facts about yourself; as an online presence, you have a duty to do your research and use credible sources for any of the content you write, too. The last thing you want is to be accused of spreading fake news!

Admit to Your Mistakes

When you do inevitably slip up and let something incorrect slip through, or you create an ill-judged post, which on reflection, you probably shouldn’t have, own up to it; admit your mistakes and instead of looking like a jerk or a liar, you’ll show yourself to be a genuine human being who isn’t infallible, but who can at least be trusted to correct any wrongs you knowingly or unknowingly commit!

Use Reliable Payment Methods

If you’re asking your readers to pay for goods or services on your blog, then you need to ensure that you use a payments gateway like, which is well known and trusted, or a company like Paypal who are typically well-regarded for keeping buyers safe, in order to do so. Why? Because your readers will be instantly less wary when they see payment info they recognize than some unknown option, which might be cheaper for you to use, but which doesn’t exactly scream kosher!

Build Authority

If you really know your stuff, and you regularly show your readers that this is the case, then they are going to trust whatever you say to be true on your chosen subject much more than they are the competition, which is why, if you want to succeed online, you do really need to know your subject inside out.

Get to Know Them

Getting to know your readers, whether by talking to them in the comments or adding them on  is a great way, not only to increase their trust in you but to market your blog and enrich your own life by connecting with some really great people who have similar interests to you. Give it a try!

Start doing as many of these things as you can and pretty soon you’ll be one of the most trusted sources around, in your niche, at least!



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