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WordPress has fast become the platform of choice for many business people. But despite its common usage, few people in the enterprise space seem to truly understand it. Part of the reason for this is simply because of how new the concept is: most old-hands in business simply aren’t familiar with how the technology behind it works. But there’s a deeper, more insidious problem even than that: WordPress is a creative tool, and yet relatively few businesses are taking full advantage of it.


WordPress is a seriously creative tool. It gives you the power to do pretty much anything you want. But with that freedom comes a sharp learning curve – one that many company bosses are reluctant to embrace. But embrace it they should. Here are some of the things that businesses really need to know about WordPress.


You Can Make Money On WordPress, Even Without Clients


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Think it’s impossible to earn money through your website, even without clients? Think again. WordPress isn’t just somewhere for you to build a website: it’s a marketplace where you can buy and sell plugins to make other users’ experiences better.


Some companies, like WooThemes, started off by making their own themes for WordPress users, expanding the original database. Before long, the company was worth more than $30 million, thanks to all the people who wanted something a little different for their website.


You Can Use WordPress For Members-Only Sites

Thanks to the plethora of plugins for WordPress, there are plenty of options for businesses that want members sections or members-only sites. Some of the plugins are paid, others free. Paid plugins usually have more options and customizability.


You Don’t Need Coding Skills To Use WordPress





While it’s true that you can do your own coding in WordPress, you usually don’t need to, unless you want something really specific. This is because the community has already generated most of the tools that people need. All you have to do is download the plugin, pay for it if necessary, and get it up and running on your site.


According to estimates, there are more than 45,000 plugins already in the WordPress directory with more being added every day.


WordPress Has More Support Than Any Other Platform

WordPress might be one of the most complicated website platforms out there, but it’s also one of the best supported. Not sure about who to use as a host? These guys have a great WordPress hosting comparison. Not sure about which plugins to use? Other sites have ample information covering all bases. Plus, if you really get stuck, you can always reach out to the WordPress community on their forums.


Everybody Uses WordPress – It’s Well Supported

Businesses don’t always want the best off-the-shelf solution: they also want a product that’s supported. While other site platforms might look flashier or have nicer graphics, companies that choose WordPress know that they will always be able to find a helping hand. WordPress is currently the world’s most popular content management system and is likely to remain there for some time.


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