If you are currently sat at home wondering about ways to make a second income or start a home based business, then you could be onto something. Could you, in fact, make money right from your home, using the resources that you have there? If you have some outside space, then there is a lot of money to be made from an agricultural business. More and more people are turning to more natural food, as well as meat and products that are organic and raised locally. So if there is nothing currently near to where you are, then you can be rather confident that there will be a demand for this kind of thing. You could use your land to grow crops or raise animals, as well as taking your agricultural expertise elsewhere. So what is stopping you? Here are several ways to make money from your home, using your land and bit of know-how. Farming and agriculture is big business these days, so why not be part of that lucrative financial pie?


  • Grow Gourmet or Medicinal Foods

There are many foods that can be grown on farms and in outside space that you can sell on to other people. You just need to decide what those foods would be and in what way they would be used. For example, mushrooms; they can be grown both medicinally and for eating. Which will you choose? It could be worth looking into the retail costs of both to see the kind of profit margins that you would be looking at. Then it will help to sway your decision I’m sure.

You could also look to sell to restaurants or become a regular at farmers markets. This can be a great way to network and to grow your potential customer base. So look for simple ways to grow your business, and it will do just that!

  • Use Your Land as a Campsite

If you have a lot of land, but are looking for a fairly low-maintenance way to generate an extra income, then using the land for something like a campsite is a really good idea. It will need some basic upkeep, but on the whole, it pretty much takes care of itself. Showers and bathrooms might need to be built-in, depending on the kind of camping you are choosing to do. So that will have an initial startup cost. But provided the business is marketed well it could go on to generate a lot of extra income, especially if you live in an area that gets favorable weather for a lot of the year. If you don’t get a lot of good weather throughout the year, then this is likely to not be the best option for you as you’d be unlikely to make all of your expenses back.

You could also set up an area for motorhomes to set up. So running water and electrical points is key. You can charge people more for this, so could be a viable option for you. You could also consider selling certain items that you buy at wholesale, to the campers. It isn’t going to be big bucks but can be a good lifestyle business for you to maintain.

  • Gardening Services

If you are particularly green-fingered and have quite a bit of experience in gardening and garden services, then why not market your skill? Gardening seems to be a love it or hate it type of activity. So for people that fall into the latter category, it can be really useful, and they can be willing to pay for this kind of thing. So you could offer your services to local people. You could also start a larger business, where you employ other gardeners but you oversee all of the work. It is going to be a business that makes more money, the more people you have out doing the services. Of course, you’ll need a supply of equipment, so there will be a certain level of money that you’d need to pay for up front. You’d need to find Rhino rotary cutter parts, for instance, as well as gasoline and enough gardening shears and tools to share around your team.

But being out in gardens isn’t the only way to make money from things. You could also look to give lessons to people to teach people your skills. You could run a course for a few weeks at a time with local people, at a community college or community center. People are always looking to hone their skills. So if you’re an expert in your field, then there will be people willing to learn from you (and willing to pay for it). So don’t just see gardening as you being in different gardens pulling weeds each day. There are more options available than you might think.

  • Private Fishing Lakes

If you have lakes, or the space and capability to dig them, then they can be a lifestyle business that takes care of themselves. Normally there are two different types of private fishing lakes. One of which is a classic catch and release lake, where customers will pay to pitch up for the day and just do it for the enjoyment of fishing. The other option is to fish and pay, where they catch the fish, and then they are weighed. The weight of what they have caught will be what they pay to you (as well as a pitch up fee perhaps). Both options are profitable, and could even run alongside each other. You would just need to make sure that the lakes are well stocked with fish, and have certain facilities close by. Often this can team up well with a campsite, as has been mentioned. So there are plenty of ways to combine things make money off your land.


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  • Rent Your Land

Property management is a tried and tested business method that is proven to make money, should you invest in the right kind of property at the right time. The same goes for land too. Of course, the time needs to be right. But people will pay to rent your land, especially if there are vast amounts of it. If your mortgage is cleared, then all the money coming to you will be profit. If you want to start another mortgage for a new land, you can visit sites like https://reali.com/new-mortgage/ and see their offer. So a good lifestyle business to have, while you take care of other things. But what would they rent the land for, though?

One option could be for a cellular tower. If you land is quite high up, then it could bring in quite a lucrative amount of money if you were to rent out (or sell) your land. You would get paid pretty well for this kind of thing, but the potential cancer-causing problems could be an issue for you. So just look into it and do some research to see what would make it safer for you. Wind turbines and solar panels are also a great way to make an income from your land. Companies looking to create solar or wind energy will need plenty of space to generate the power. So renting your land for these purposes could be a good option for you, depending on how much space that you have. This is the kind of thing that could work alongside a normal home or farm or the things mentioned above such as campsites or private fishing ponds. So it can be a way to generate income by doing very little.

One other option for renting your land, that will be a little more ad-hoc, could be renting your land out for things like weddings and parties. If you have a large space, it could be the thing that a bride-to-be is looking for. Offer them the chance to hire a marquee and then leave the rest up to them. If you have a barn, this could be renovated and rented out for weddings and parties too. It allows the scope to hire all year round, so worth looking into if you have the space for it.

  • Run a Farm and Open It To The Public

If you have a farm, then you will already know that it is possible to make money from it. However, you could be making more from it. One of the ways to do that is to open up your farm and make certain aspects a petting zoo. People could also come to see a potential working farm and all that that entails. They could assist with milking cows or pulling crops, all dependent on the kind of farm that you have. This can be a great thing for school groups, though, so could be worth looking into for that alone.

I just hope this goes to show that you can be making money off your land. Some things will need more work than others. But it can be quite simple to generate a second income or to even make your home and land a big business. Would be interested to hear what you think to this. Do you have experience in working in agriculture?

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