We all know that the crypto market is very volatile and prices go up and down in this still young market. Except for crazy moves in the market on a daily basis, we got some other trends that last longer. That is the so-called Bull market and Bear market.

Bull market

What is the crypto Bull market? Well, it is the moment when cryptocurrencies go up in their value. Usually, BTC goes first, and then later on altcoins go also. When it is a bull market, that is not just a small spike, that is a longer period of time when crypto goes up in value. In that period of time, everybody is happy and everybody pumping it even more, from popular YouTubers to the news and everybody talking bout “All-time high” and so on.

If people didn’t invest, they start greed index is also up and everybody expecting big returns. BTC reach its All-time high, but that is not enough everybody wants more and more. Really smack a lot of people in the face. At some point, the bull run got to stop and the price got to fall down.
If somebody gets there too late then he is in problem. He buys it at too high a price.

A bull market is a great time for making a profit, but to take a good profit, we must buy when prices are low and that is in a bear market.

Bear market

What is a bear market in the crypto world? It is time when Bitcoin falls down, and he draws all other coins and tokens down to the almost bottom, at least it looks like that.

The Crypto market is still young and prices can fall very low. Since we go around 5% of the world population in Crypto we know that is a very small number. New people in crypto who recently joined the crypto world start to be afraid when a bear market starts. Because every time it is a bear market. News has titles: “Crypto is down, Bitcoin is dead, this and this guy lost millions on crypto” and so on.

People start to be scared and they sell what they got to take any money out of it. Lost is here and they never get back to crypto.
They leave crypto just at the moment when they should get in the crypto.

Rich people do everything opposite to poor people. When poor people run away from crypto because they watch the news and get scared. Rich people buy more at lower prices, they ignore news titles like BTC is dead. (btw. we saw that 100 times in the last 8 years.)

So, the bear market can be useful and good if you want to buy at a discount! The bull run will get back, it is just a matter of time! 🙂

Tell me in the comment below what are you doing in these bearish moments?

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Hrvoje Horvat

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