Borrow $NXUSD with 0% interest rate

Things are changing very fast! I am sure you will agree with me, special if you look at how technology goes fast. 15 years ago we didn’t have smartphones and today we can have a loan with a 0% interest rate.

If you were a little older, you would probably think this is impossible. Because we all know what it takes to get a loan. You need to put your house on a mortgage. Then you five people go out to check your house, then you got to pay some crazy loan fee and other stuff. Also, then you need to wait to be approved. Everything takes time and money and in the end, you need to pay it every month, if you don’t pay your house is gone.
That is something that nobody wants. Because during this time it can happen so many things in the world and create a crisis loss of jobs and everything else.

Also, when you take a loan in the bank you need to pay it back with huge interest. In some countries, if you take a loan for more than 15 years you need to repay it double the amount you take!

1. 0% interest on your loan

Crypto changing the world, and doing it for the better. Now everybody with the internet has options to take loans with 0% interest. How is that? it is pretty simple. NXUSD is a stablecoin that always got the same price as USD. So, his value is always 1$.

The loan works in the way that you deposit crypto as collateral and take up to 70% of NXUSD of your crypto value. You can take less if you want, but you cannot take more. Only what you need to pay is a 0.5% fee on the loan and that is it.

Do you know how it is in the bank? If you want to repay your loan early you have to pay much more than you should since you are paying earlier and interest should not be big, but the bank wants your money. In some cases, you cannot repay your loan early.
In Nereuse Finance you can repay your loan whenever you want with any amount you want to repay. So, if you want to repay your loan with 10 $NXUSD today and with 5 $NXUSD tomorrow you can do it.

2. How to use your loan in the real world?

I know that sometimes way from crypto to the real world can be problematic. But those days are gone. Now it is easier than ever to
go from crypto to the store. Everything that you need is a Wirex debit card .

On Wirex you can set up that you want to use $NXUSD as currency to spend in the store and when you made a payment you will spend $NXUSD for your shopping., paying the bills or whatever you want.

Just to remind you, in the bear market you can buy crypto cheap use it as collateral for the loan, and wait until crypto goes up back again in a bull market. Then you can with a small amount of your crypto repay the loan.

I am sure that you will use this fantastic option as leverage, or just as an option to save your coins/tokens.

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Hrvoje Horvat

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